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The Eleventh Hour (Infanta), acrylic and oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, 2018
Sarah Dobbs - Curatorial Statement 2018

In Tiko Kerr’s recent work, he examines the transformation of one image into another; the alteration of works created in one period of art history, re-imagined into a contemporary view; our own perception of what we see, and perhaps what we think, into a new view.

He draws on images from art history and, in doing so, creates a collaboration with artists across time and space. “By referencing art history, current events and celebrity culture, I attempt to flesh out the conflicting scenarios that express the overlooked mythologies in our present contemporary lives while probing the tension that exists between figuration and abstraction in my own artistic practice”

The compositions are masters of disguise, eliciting introspection, irony and humour from the ordinary. They are paradoxical in that they seemingly demystify art in the populist sense, while remaining cryptic enough to allow the viewer to interpret the work, and what we perceive, in a variety of ways.

~ Sarah Dobbs.
Founder / Executive Director
ARTery Art and Health Society

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