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Tiko Kerr - Artist’s Statement

The truth about identity is complex and nuanced.
In our present-day environment, we are surrounded by a cultural framework that causes polarity, often inciting us to label and categorize one another based on first impressions. This can reduce the complexity of the individual experience to parochial generalities of the ‘other’ – the very thing that makes us human is then negated.

My latest series of paper-cut collages and acrylic paintings explores how the mechanisms of evolutionary archetypes and myths, once developed for our survival and to help us understand the world, are now being triggered by these social and political conditions to make violence against facts and ultimately against one another.

The scope of my work moves between what exists that we cannot see, and what we see that does not exist. By referencing art history, current events and celebrity culture, I’m interested in fleshing out the conflicting scenarios that express our contemporary mythologies while probing the tension that exists between figuration and abstraction in my own artistic practice.

This series examines the stories that have been told and retold over time, and how those stories manipulate our clear and humane understanding of the world.

Tiko Kerr
February 2017
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