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Miami Art Basel Week

December 3 - 6, 2015
Miami, Florida

I was’t sure of what to expect when I decided to show my latest work at the Miami Art Fair in December. Of course it was going to be a tantalizing blast of sun and a reprieve from Vancouver’s winter wet. But for someone like me who derives complete, blissful satisfaction when standing before a truly innovative and authentic work of art,
the fair was a feast!

Hoards of knowledgeable, art-savy people from all over the globe. Clever conversations, playful and sometimes profound. The atmosphere was electric. I barely saw a fraction of the art which was spread out over the 26 venues in Miami proper as well as Miami Beach.

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However what I saw:

Warhol for days. Resin finishes on paintings. Over-branding. Mirror-art. Glut of art-selfies. Colliding instagramers. Over-crowded. Under-wined. Astonishing Latin American artists. A stabbing that was dismissed as performance at Art Basel was thankfully not a killer. The traffic however was.

Fairs seem to be the way the market is going as the art world is expanding at an incredible rate.There are presently about 200 art fairs around the world in one year. The art fair is now the site where everyone who participates in the art world congregates. Art fairs are changing how galleries function.

Go back?
In a minute!
You can’t get that kind of education anywhere else.

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