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Une Semaine de Bonté Suite #1 (Monday/lundi), 30 x 22 inches, acrylic, paper collage on lithograph, 2019
Artist's Statement

Over the past 35 years my artistic practice has included explorations into painting, collage, drawing, performance and set design. Working in sequential series, my vocabulary practice has evolved stylistically and most recently is now primarily concerned with evoking associations between forms and surfaces through abstraction.

My compositions combine instinctive, figurative structure with abstracted, painterly gesture. My belief is that collage offers the most fitting description of the conditions and choices afforded to us in our fragmented and distracted contemporary experience, so I have embraced it as my primary methodology from which works in other media evolve. Collage affords me the opportunity to examine interwoven themes that exist between our urbanized, contemporary environment and the present period in the history of art, when there’s an endless range of visual languages available.

I am interested in issues concerning the collective consumption of cultural images and narratives, authorship and authenticity, while exploring the formal considerations of composition and colour systems as well as the tension that exists between spontaneity and control, simplicity and complexity, harmony and disorder.

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