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THE FORESEEABLE PRESENT, 3 x (17 X 17 inches), acrylic on acrylic, 2020

Tiko Kerr


In my latest body of work entitled PLEXUS, I’m exploring the contemporary uses and meanings of Plexiglass as well as the emotive force of colour and abstract form as they describe living in our current Covid age.

Plexiglass is a modernist material, a perfect expression for the age of the pandemic. It is a protective barrier that allows us to see but not physically connect. It can refract the accuracy of forms and can reflect images of ourselves back to us.

At the same time, we find ourselves burdened by plexus of fabricated, socio-political issues where the veracity of things are easily obscured, so that clarity and truth can no longer be taken for granted.

These compositions are made up of differentiated marks on the 3 plexiglass layers, sandwiched together but separated slightly from one another so they read as one image. They all share the visual experience of looking both through and into and contain literal depth rather than illusional depth, pushing them into the realm of relief. This compel us to look deeper and question if what we are seeing actually exists.

The square format of the works illustrates the cells of isolation from one another that we find ourselves in, whether as captives in solitary confinement or in a zoom-call matrix.

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